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We are focused on solving problems and enhancing the biggest investment you have - your human assets!

Reducing the time from conception to tangible and measurable results by removing uncertainties, reducing risks, foreseeing obstacles and guiding adoption.

Producing an improved financial return by actually reducing the overall cost to execute deployment and increase the return-on-investment in both time and value.

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Delivering Tangible Value, When It Matters Most

Strategic initiatives and major enterprise projects are critical to the transformation of your business. Success is tantamount to survival in an ever changing world. Applying the knowledge, experience and leadership of Michael Kennedy Consulting will improve the overall success of in tangible ways.

MKC Collaboration is focused on designing and implementing  cost effective audio visual solutions, video conferencing and collaboration solutions. With an eye to interior design and the transformational workplace, we strive to enhance your team's culture and effectiveness.

SMB systems integration of video conferencing solutions, audio visual solutions. Part of Michael Kennedy Consulting LLC

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