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Specializing in corporate architecture, creating strategic vision for business, financial and technical stakeholders, defining business use cases, evaluation and pilots, and creating standards for scaled deployments. Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of innovative strategic manufacturers as a liaison to product specific integrators.

  • Industry / Technical Consulting
  • Strategy Vision Development
  • Enterprise-Scale Project Leadership
  • Video Conferencing / Collaboration Consulting
  • Interior Collaboration Workspace Design
  • Special Project Engagements

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Interior Design for Workplace Transformation

All good architects and interior designers can change the look and feel of an office space to wow, impress or inspire. But if the result for the business client isn’t improving the bottom line, well then how long are they wowed?

Designing for Workplace Transformation goes way beyond Wow. The common conference room is the old standard of the way things ‘were’ done. Growing businesses need innovative solutions. Transformative technology is available yet most architects and interior designers are not prepared to have this discussion with their clients.

Workplace Transformation Design Consultation

It all begins with a deep understanding of the clients business. What do they really do? How do they work today? Transformation is a journey and who better to chart the course than the visionary they have entrusted to recreate their business workplace?

Michael Kennedy is an independent technology consultant who appreciates fine architecture and interior design. His consultative approach is to observe, absorb and embrace the design while interpreting the business processes and work flows of the client’s environment. Then, with his deep knowledge of collaborative technologies and his experience in workplace integration, he is able to guide the client to solutions that are truly transformational. WOW!

Workplace Transformation Design Consultation is a customized offering that will differentiate your firm from the pack. Adding real value that will improve your client’s bottom line by including the right technology in the original interior design and by transforming the actual work – from product design reviews to project status meetings to group collaboration and brainstorming between multiple locations to learning and training to strategy sessions and board meetings.

From an electrical engineering perspective you will now be able to include the proper lighting, electrical, low-voltage digital cabling and wall reinforcement for all of your client’s collaboration and communications solutions. From an HVAC and sound management perspective you will now be able to assure proper acoustical and sound absorption materials to meet the requirements of the actual technology specifications.

Michael maintains a working relationship with the top manufacturers of innovative technologies and the best solutions integrators. By offering project guidance services to coordinate between the client, the integrators and the trades – projects go smoother with higher client satisfaction.

Solid Technology Expertise – On Your Team

What impression does expertise make? Trust! Gaining trust is earning business and building lasting relationships. Bringing Michael Kennedy to the table as you talk with perspective clients will add a whole new level to your engagement and value proposition.

Strong consultative experience working with large organizations to evaluate and adopt transformational technologies. Examples are:

CXO workshops to map corporate goals and initiatives to key transformational IT projects;

Business disaster recovery plans for major global corporations;

Major projects where entire data center, wide-area and communications of large domestic / global corporation have been transformed from legacy to next generation infrastructures.

Leadership skills in business development roles working to create strategic plans to design, integrate, deploy, test, train, evaluate, and support managed services for global providers.

Direct management experience running US and international teams with complex internal and external interdependencies. Strong coaching, mentoring and informal influencing experience.

Relationship and communications experience with c-level executives, business unit leadership, facilities, human resources, corporate communications, marketing, engineering, training, knowledge workers, etc.